The four extra teeth in the back of your mouth, also known as wisdom teeth, are often unnecessary and can cause problems. Wisdom teeth may have been useful hundreds or thousands of years ago. Now, however, the teeth mostly cause overcrowding problems that can lead to pain and decay.

Will I Need My Wisdom Teeth Out?

Some people never need to have their wisdom teeth taken out because the teeth happen to fit perfectly. For most patients, though, this isn’t the case. Crowded wisdom teeth can cause problems and may even be impacted.

You’ll want to get your wisdom teeth out if you experiencing one of the following:

  • The tooth is angled too far out or in and scrapes against the tissues of your mouth.
  • Your tooth comes in, but starts to decay.
  • Your wisdom teeth are so far back that they become susceptible to infection.
  • Your wisdom teeth start crowding out your other teeth, pushing them forward and causing misalignment issues.
  • You have an impacted wisdom tooth.

Scheduling routine visits to our office is important so we can keep an eye on how your wisdom teeth are developing. When we notice a problem, we can start talking about wisdom teeth removal.

Wisdom Teeth Removal at Baxter Springs Family Dentistry

Your oral health is important to us, and we want to ensure you have a pain-free experience. Our dental team is compassionate and careful with each of our patients. We want to provide a comfortable dental experience as well as high-quality dental care.

If you are worried or have questions for us, let us know. We are here to help the people of the Baxter Springs area with their dental needs. Whether your wisdom teeth pop in at age 16 or 25, we’ll talk to you about tooth extractions.

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